RAINO ARCHITECTURE OFFICE is a Chicago Based Design Firm, Practicing Architecture, Urbanism, and Cultural Analysis with an International Network of Collaborators

What we do

We believe in design’s vital capacity to connect people to place and each other through intentional and memorable experiences.


Our team of architects and integrated design disciplines approaches every new project with this core value in mind, designing through the lens of the user to create immersive and engaging experiences. We view architecture as a reflection of the needs and goals of each client – a vehicle to amplify the mission and values of organizations and communities

Sustainable Integrated Design

 Our integrated team employs shared research and collaboration to explore the boundaries of high performance building and site design. Our process honors the identity of places – culture, history and ecology – with a reverence for the characteristics that make each unique.

Interior Design

Our interior design team works in all phases and scales of design, from visioning and programming to concept and design development, detailed specifications, construction and post-occupancy evaluations. 


Every process begins with listening.


We start every project by understanding the mission, vision and values of our clients, and considering how built form can reflect and amplify these core goals. 


Our team will explore design solutions, leveraging 2D sketching, 3D modeling, and BIM technologies to develop a thoughtful and suitable scheme. In short, we’re here to help bring your vision to life.


Our team will work with a trusted group of engineers to develop the documents necessary for permitting and construction. 


We make the city process simple and pain free, so you can focus on your overall vision  instead of paperwork.


When a bid comes in within budget we will then assist our clients with negotiating the contract for construction.


You’ll find us on site and on the phone providing details and information to the contractor, streamlining the critical path, and protecting the design intent of the construction.

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